"My Artwork has always been about beauty. With Temari I have found a perfect vehicle  to explore and express various aspects of it."
                     - Sharon Thieman - 

the Artist
Sharon Thieman is a gifted artist who explores beauty through her Art.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sharon has known herself as an artist since the age of four.

Her natural instinct to create, as evidenced in childhood was further developed when she attended College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, and received a BFA in Fine Art. As painter, Sharon refined her skills in drawing, while developing her intuitive sense of color and design.

A pivotal point in  Sharon's career came when she was introduced to the craft of Japanese Temari. Upon first seeing Temari, she believed it to be the most beautiful artwork she ever encountered. Immediately, she was challenged to explore its roots and create it.

Subsequently, Sharon enrolled in the Asian Studies Graduate Program at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. The focus of her interdisciplinary study was Japanese Language and Culture. In May 2012, Sharon completed the program with high honors, receiving an MA in Asian Studies. 

Today. Sharon continues to expand her knowledge and creativity. As she makes her Temari, her inspiration comes from Itchiku Kubota. Like Kubota,  shs seeks not only to restore an ancient craft but to also ensure its relevance in the 21st Century and beyond.  

As Sharon continues to unravel the mystique inherent to Japanese ideas surrounding beauty, she often feels like her work has just begun. While many principles remain to be explored, some of those introduced on this website include Harmony, Artlessness, Asymmetrical Balance, Impermanence and Unity. 

A highlight in  Sharon's career occurred on her most recent trip to Japan in the fall of 2012, when she visited the Japanese Temari Association. There she received personal tutelage from theTraditional Masters of this Craft. 

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